The Yellow Rose Ranch

This is part A of several part housing.  More parts to be added.  Everything is a “work in progress”!

An adventure in Homesteading and other things.

This adventure started back in 07’ with the purchase of a 4 acre property somewhat in the middle of nowhere but close to somewhere.  It was a requirement that a grocery store, gas station, and other amenities should be at least within 5 miles.  Obviously, we are not completely homestead nuts. Besides, the wife has a good job in town and really long range commuting was definitely not an option.  Other requirements necessitated power, water, and internet to be available.  Finally, everything to be done, was to be done by ourselves with little help or contracting and no loans if possible.  There are a few things that I simply will not attempt because of time to accomplish, or the effort outweighs the cost. 

Our long range plans were to work our way to being self sustaining without going broke just to get the infrastructure installed.  So there we started, long range plans, a blank slate for property, and lots of tools from projects past.  We will take each “adventure” on the following pages as each is and was an adventure in its own right. 

As we progress in projects, and things learned we will edit and add to this site.